Releases 2014 American-Made Index

July 15th, 2015 by

Every year, puts together a list that represents the most American-made vehicles. These are vehicles that are both manufactured and purchased in the US. At least 75% of the vehicle’s components parts must have been built in the States to be considered for the list—and it looks like Toyota has made an America-sized impression.

2015 Toyota Camry

The 2014 American-made index shows the 2015 Toyota Camry to be the most American-made car on the market!

Almost half of the vehicles composing the 2014 American-Made Index from were Toyota vehicles. America’s favorite family car—the Toyota Camry— also happens to be the second most American-made vehicle on the list. This is the same position the family sedan held last year, showing that it offers consistent, American-made quality.

The Camry is manufactured in Lafayette, Indiana as well as Georgetown, Kentucky. The automaker’s flagship sedan, the Toyota Avalon, is also made in Kentucky. The Avalon ranked 6th, up from 10th.

The Toyota Sienna raised one position since last year, going from the 5th to the 4th most American-made vehicle. The Toyota Tundra, manufactured in San Antonio, Texas ranked 5th.

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