Didier Leroy Takes Executive VP Position and More

March 16th, 2015 by

Toyota is making waves in the auto world and this time it isn’t about the new Camry.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Motor Corp is moving abroad with its executives. For the first time in its history, the company appointed an African-American and a woman to top positions.

As the largest global automaker, Toyota has been run by natives of Japan since its creation. Now, European chief Didier Leroy has broken the mold. He was appointed to become one of the six executive vice presidents starting in June. To date, it’s the highest post ever held by someone not of Japanese origin.

Christopher Reynolds became the first African-American to make the jump to managing officer. Julie Hamp will join him, becoming the first woman to join the executive team as a managing officer as well. That’s three firsts in 2015.

With Hamp’s promotion comes a step in the direction of Toyota’s goal to narrow the gender gap. Seen as unattainable, the company plans to appoint women to 30% of top positions by 2020. Only 11% of mid-to-senior level management and 1% of executive committee members are currently women. With moves like this, Toyota is stepping in the right direction to meet its goals and we here at Toyota of Gastonia couldn’t be more excited.

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