Going Green: the Toyota Strategy for Environmental Technologies

August 17th, 2015 by

Though many car companies claim to be dedicated to going green, Toyota is one of the few with a new Strategy for Environmental Technologies. This extensive plan for alternative energy sources and emissions reduction promises to revolutionize the industry.

2015 Toyota Prius

According to Toyota, the company’s three main focuses are alternative energies as opposed to oil, reducing CO2 emissions, and preventing air pollution. The most promising proposals is the use of hydrogen and compressed natural gases (CNG) in vehicles, which greatly reduces the cost of fuel.

“At Toyota, we will continue to develop various vehicles, along with our emphasis of conventional vehicles and hybrid vehicles as fundamental core technology while pursuing further advancement,” reads the Toyota Strategy for Environmental Technologies. “Based on these core technologies, Toyota will develop next-generation vehicles utilizing alternative fuels such as gas fuel, electricity and hydrogen.”

The company is also dedicated to improved powertrain efficiency, energy management, and reduced vehicle loads in the next generation of cars. Plus, Toyota is manufacturing hybrid and electric delivery cars, buses, and trucks to help encourage wide, systemic change.

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