High-Tech Toyota Safety Features Coming to the Masses

December 8th, 2014 by

In the automotive industry, technology has always moved from the top down, but this may be changing next year as high-tech Toyota safety features make an appearance in mass-market models.

In a report from Automotive News, Toyota said it will start rolling out advanced active safety features starting next year. Many of these technologies will appear first in Japan then migrate to our shores. But, as early as next year, some Toyota models in the US will have two new pre-crash braking packages available.

According to Moritaka Yoshida, Toyota’s chief safety technology officer, the two pre-cash safety systems, called Toyota Safety Sense C and Toyota Safety Sense P, will provide better protection than some systems currently available in upscale brands, but at the same cost. Toyota says it will keep costs low by using the same parts across multiple models.

2015 Camry

We expect a popular model like the Camry to be among the first to get this advance safety tech.

These systems will be able to stop or slow down a vehicle when it senses an oncoming collision. The C system, for small cars, will be able to stop a car travelling at 19 MPH and will work at speeds up to 50 MPH (it will slow down a car by 19 MPH) to soften an impact. The P system for larger cars will stop a vehicle travelling at 25 MPH or slow down the car by 25 MPH. It will also be able to detect pedestrians and attempt to evade a collision at speeds up to 19 MPH.

Toyota has not said which models in the US will be the first to get these new safety features.

Here at Toyota of Gastonia, we are pleased to see Toyota working hard to make these potentially life-saving technologies available to a broader population.

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