Supra Rumors: Toyota Trademarks S-FR Name

June 5th, 2015 by

In the latest batch of Toyota Supra rumors, many people think Toyota unveiled the name of the mythical new Supra when they trademarked the name S-FR. According to patent filings and an article by digitaltrends, Toyota patented the name for “automobiles and structural parts thereof.” While this doesn’t guarantee a new Supra, there any many people who believe it does.

FT-1 concept

The main reason so many people are saying the S-FR name could be tied to a reborn Supra is that the S could stand for Supra or Sport while the FR refers to engine location and drive style the way it does in the Scion FR-S. This combination of letter would be perfectly suited for a new sports car. This latest trademark of the name S-FR and other Supra rumors like the unanimous popularity of the FT-1 concept, its possible engine trims and hybrid options, and that Toyota renewed the trademark they hold on the name Supra last year, are, at this time just that… rumors, unfortunately.

However, we here at Toyota of Gastonia feel confident that with the unwavering popularity and almost cult-like loyalty of Supra fans just chomping at the bit for a new generation model, it won’t be long before Toyota gives in and builds it. After all, the FT-1 is a very real concept and its not likely Toyota stops pursuing options to bring it to market one way or another.

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