The Toyota Mirai FCV: Replacing Gas with Hydrogen

August 24th, 2015 by

With hydrogen fill stations popping up around the US, Toyota is perfecting the new Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV). As the first production hydrogen vehicle in the world, the Mirai will first be available in October in California.

In addition to this blog you can learn more about the Toyota Mirai on the Toyota YouTube channel.

According to Autoblog, there are a total of 48 fill stations in California alone, one of the major reasons the automaker is concentrating its focus there for now. The Toyota Mirai FCV combines hydrogen with oxygen in a unique chemical process to create electricity, as well as a single byproduct: water.

“Toyota is working with infrastructure developers on the west coast and the east coast. Infrastructure is vastly improved this year over last year but it’s still lagging,” said Craig Scott, national alternative fuel vehicle manager at Toyota. “There’s still a lot of development work that needs to occur. I often say that the infrastructure is a generation behind the vehicle.”

So far, the Mirai will start at $58,000, though prices are expected to go down, especially with government rebates soon to be available. We can’t wait to see the Mirai hit the market and revolutionize the industry.

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