Toyota Safety Sense™ Lane Departure Alert Settings and Controls Gastonia NC

January 14th, 2020 by

In this video, we’ll be going over the settings and controls for the various systems within Toyota Safety Sense™, or TSS. Please be aware that certain features and settings may vary by Toyota models. This video is about lane departure alert, or LDA. Lane departure alert is a standard feature on both Toyota Safety Sense™ C and Toyota Safety Sense™ P.

Under certain conditions, if the system determines that the vehicle is starting to unintentionally deviate from its lane, the system will alert the driver with an audio and visual alert. In addition to the alert functions of Toyota LDA, TSS-P vehicles equipped with electronic power steering will also feature a steering assist function. This steering assist function may provide small corrective steering inputs to help keep the vehicle in its lane.

To engage Lane Departure Alert, press the LDA button located on the steering wheel. Upon pressing the button, a window will pop up on the multi-information display to notify you that the system is active, as well as if the TSS-P Steering Assist function is active if equipped. It will also inform you that Lane Departure Alert is unavailable under speeds below approximately 32 miles per hour. There will also be an LDA indicator in the instrument cluster to remind you that the feature is activated.

To change lane departure alert settings, use the steering wheel controls to navigate to the menu screen in the multi-information display. Scroll to the LDA screen and select it. Now within the Toyota LDA menu, there are several items that can be adjusted. If your vehicle is equipped with TSS-P’s Steering Assist function, you can use the menu to activate and deactivate the feature, as well as adjust the sensitivity between high and standard. This LDA menu allows the Toyota sway warning feature — which is designed to detect if you are swaying excessively in your lane — to be activated and deactivated, as well as adjusted between high, standard, and low sensitivity levels. To deactivate Toyota lane departure alert, simply press the LDA button again. The LDA icon image on the instrument panel will turn off as well.

Be sure to always drive safely, obey traffic laws and speed limits, and focus on the road while driving. Refer to your Toyota owner’s manual for additional information on Toyota Safety Sense™ limitations, operation, and instructions.

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