Toyota Supra from Fast And Furious To Be Auctioned

May 15th, 2015 by

The Fast And Furious film franchise is a unique one, in that the cars featured in the films are just as much characters as are the actors. Sure, that’s happened before. Bullitt and Smokey And The Bandit come to mind. But other films have never achieved this phenomenon on the scale that the Furious series does.

Entertainment Weekly reports that one of the more memorable cars from the franchise is being auctioned off. It’s the 1993 Toyota Supra stunt car that appeared at the end of the first film. Paul Walker’s character, Brian, races the Supra against a train, and he has no trouble in doing so, helped by the Supra’s 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder.

There’s another reason the Toyota Supra from Fast And Furious is so special. Paul Walker, a main character is every film in the franchise, passed away two years ago. It is certainly hoped among fans that as the Supra finds a good home, his legacy will live on.

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