Toyota’s Hispanic Sales Reach 10-Year Milestone

April 3rd, 2015 by

Toyota is celebrating ten years as the number one automotive brand in the Hispanic market. To celebrate Toyota’s Hispanic sales milestone, Toyota sponsored a private show in Los Angeles featuring Ricky Martin. As a ‘thank you,’ loyal Hispanic Toyota owners from across the region were invited to enjoy the show and take part in the celebration.

“We wanted to thank them for making Toyota their favorite brand for the past 10 years. We couldn’t have found a more fitting partner than Ricky Martin who also understands the power of Latino loyalty,” gushed Jack Hollis, group vice president of Toyota Division marketing at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. in a statement.


Toyota has demonstrated a unique understanding of the Latino community by creating campaigns that are relevant to the culture. Toyota’s successful “Más Que Un Auto” (or “More Than a Car”) campaign is just one example of the automaker’s ability to resonate with the Latino community. Hispanic drivers often have a close connection with their trusty vehicle, even naming it and considering it part of the family. The “Más Que Un Auto” campaign allows customers to order free personalized nameplates for their new vehicle. To-date, tens of thousands of people have ordered a nameplate.

“In creating the campaign, our challenge was to find an idea that could truly express the love between the Latino consumer and the brand. For them, their Toyotas are almost members of their families. Once the team uncovered this insight, the execution took shape quickly,” said Javier Campopiano, Chief Creative Officer at Conill, Toyota’s Hispanic marketing partner.

Here at Toyota of Gastonia, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve our Latino community. Stop by to see our exciting lineup of cars (and don’t forget to order your free nameplate!)

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