Guide to Buying a Used Car

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used car buying

When pre-owned car shopping, a little helpful advice can go a long way. At Toyota of Gastonia, we always want you to land the best value possible with a model you’re excited about. With that goal in mind, we pieced together a few useful tips on buying a used car.

The entire process of shopping for the right model should be a fun one, and these tips will help ensure you’re enjoying yourself while also making strides towards the vehicle you want. Of course, if you have questions along the way, our staff can provide insight over the phone or in person!


car shopping dealership showroomUnderstand Which Features Matter Most for Your Lifestyle

To begin any used car search, you need to know what it is you want from your vehicle. You can go in a lot of different directions, such as a family-hauling SUV, an economical compact sedan, a heavy-duty truck, an off-roading adventurer, and more.

There are plenty of versatile used models that will hit on a few different traits at once, so you can narrow down your list to a few important qualities that you won’t sacrifice. From there, you can browse through a range of used models, like the ones in our online inventory, while reading the feature list of each option.

Select a Group of Top Options and Explore Them Further

Once you have the type of used car in mind that you want and have found a few models that fit the bill, you can then check out each of these vehicles in person.

Reading about specifications and features online is a useful start, but it’s the test drive that will tell you all you need to know. By stopping into a dealership with a helpful staff, you can test drive each used car in your top group, all the while comparing their attributes to determine which is right for your lifestyle.

financing a used carExplore Financial Possibilities with Help from an Expert

Once you’ve located the right used car but before you’ve driven off the lot, you need to develop a financial plan that you understand and have confidence in. Certain dealerships such as our own have financial centers where you can sit and speak with an expert advisor.

Used car financing plans can be customized to your budget and lifestyle. While searching for the right model online, you can also get a jumpstart on financing from the comfort of your couch. A few tools that help you do this include the pre-approval form and trade-in calculator which we make available to anyone in the local communities!

Learn About More Used Car Buying Tips

Shopping for the right used car is thrilling and will move along easier with guidance from a helpful team. At Toyota of Gastonia, we can answer any questions you have, help you find the right pre-owned vehicle, and help you develop the proper financing plan.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff or utilize our online resources!


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