Is the Toyota Corolla a Better Sedan than the Nissan Sentra?

Toyota Corolla Compared to Nissan Sentra - Toyota of Gastonia

In the small sedan segment, two of the most popular choices are the Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Sentra. We’re going to compare the 2016 Corolla LE and the 2016 Sentra S to show you why the Corolla is the best choice.

2016 Toyota Corolla LE

2016 Nissan Sentra S

$19,570 $18,665
38 MPG hwy, 29 MPG city 38 MPG hwy, 29 MPG city
132 horsepower @ 6000 RPM 130 horsepower @ 6000 RPM
 128 lb-ft. torque @ 4400 RPM 128 lb-ft. torque @ 3600 RPM
Variable Transmission Speeds Variable Transmission Speeds
38.3″ Front Headroom 39.4″ Front Headroom
37.1″ Rear Headroom  36.7″ Rear Headroom
42.3″ Front Legroom 42.5″ Front Legroom
41.4” Rear Legroom  37.4″ Rear Legroom
36 / 36,000 Basic Warranty 36 / 36,000 Basic Warranty
60 / 60,000 Powertrain Warranty 60 / 60,000 Powertrain Warranty
60 / Unlimited Anti-Corrosion 60 / Unlimited Anti-Corrosion

The 2016 Toyota Corolla comes with some great features. To keep everyone comfortable, automatic climate control comes standard. This is not even available on the Sentra. Another great feature, especially on icy winter days are the Corolla’s standard heated exterior mirrors. Again, this isn’t even an option on the Sentra.

For added safety, the Corolla comes standard with a backup camera. With the Sentra, you’ll be craning your neck to see out the back window since this feature is not available.

If you love commercial-free coast-to-coast satellite radio, you can get that added to your Corolla. If you drive the Sentra, you are out of luck. And, in the Corolla, you’ll enjoy all the music you love with its six standard speakers. With the Sentra, it only comes with four.

The Corolla keeps up with modern technology by adding standard voice activated controls. This leaves the Sentra behind since it isn’t even available on this sedan.

Automatic Climate Control
Heated Exterior Mirrors
Back-up Camera
Satellite Radio
6 Speakers 4 Speakers
Voice-Activated Controls

Come check out the 2016 Toyota Corolla LE today at Toyota of Gastonia and your new car search will be over.