2022 Toyota bZ4X Concept Preview

2022 Toyota bZ4X Concept Preview

From little coupes to large trucks, electrification is the way of the future. Toyota has been a chief innovator in electrification and intends to expand their all-electric lineup noticeably within the coming years. So, if you’re thinking about moving to an electric model, this 2022 Toyota bZ4X Concept preview is worth checking out.1

The bZ4X will serve as a practical, reliable choice for daily travels around Charlotte, Gastonia, and Lincolnton, NC, as well as other North Carolina communities.

So, what else can you expect from the bZ4X? Our Toyota of Gastonia team is happy to keep you up to date!

How Large Is the Toyota bZ4X?

While Toyota has produced compact cars, like the Prius, which have changed the way folks think about fuel economy, the bZ4X is going to be a larger, crossover model. Similar in size to the Toyota RAV4, the bZ4X is going to pair interior space with exceptional fuel economy.

So, if you’re trying to find an all-electric model capable of supporting a young family, the bZ4X will happily play that role. If you want a crossover with enough cargo capacity for weekend trips or daily errand running, you can again rely on the versatile bZ4X.

Toyota has stated that the model will feature a long wheelbase with short overhangs, creating an athletic and modern appearance. The interior should be similarly functional to the RAV4, meaning second-row seats you can quickly fold flat to create more cargo room.

Also inside the cabin will be typical Toyota innovations, such as an intuitive touchscreen display and easy-to-use controls for the driver.

How Will the Toyota bZ4X Perform?

How Toyota will go about implementing an all-electric motor into a crossover model isn’t yet known. Fuel economy is going to be an obvious priority as Toyota strives to make the bZ4X Concept model a frugal choice for everyday drivers.

What is known is that the bZ4X will come with a state-of-the-art all-wheel drive system. The al-wheel drive setup will benefit the model in more ways than one.

First, traction over slick roads should prove strong. This means rain, ice, and snow won’t hinder the composed driving ability of the crossover.

Secondly, the all-wheel drive system should allow the bZ4X to put down power better. All-electric drivetrains can deliver instantaneous push off the line, whereas internal combustion engines need a moment to build power.

The inclusion of the all-wheel-drive system will keep the bZ4X from spinning its tires as you floor the pedal. The pairing of a responsive powertrain and impressive traction-control system means the bZ4X should feel zippy from a standstill.

Receive Updates on the 2022 bZ4X Concept

The 2022 Toyota bZ4X Concept is a groundbreaking move from this heralded brand. All-electric cars are going to continue to make their presence known around Charlotte, Lincolnton, and Gastonia, North Carolina.

So, if you want to receive updates on unique upcoming models, such as the bZ4X, reach out to our Toyota of Gastonia team. We’ll be happy to keep you in the loop and eventually arrange a test drive!

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1 Model not yet released. All specs mentioned herein have been cited from the Toyota website and the Toyota Newsroom and are subject to change by the manufacturer. 

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