Prepare Your Car for Summer

When the summer heat hits, you’ll want to have your car prepared. Here are some things you can do to make sure your vehicle is ready to tackle the upcoming summer months.


Prep Your Car for Summer - Change Your Oil - Toyota of GastoniaChange Your Oil

Your oil lubricates your engine and keeps all the parts running efficiently, so you will want to make sure to change out your oil before the summer hits to ensure that your engine is receiving clean oil, rather than old, gunky oil.


Check Your Tire PressurePrep Your Car for Summer - Check Tire Pressure - Toyota of Gastonia

Both over-inflated and under-inflated tires can cause a problem in the summer. Since pressure in tires increases with heat, your tires can blow out from over-inflation. But because of friction with the hot pavement, under-inflated tires can also blow out. Make sure they are filled to the proper PSI by checking your owner’s manual.



Prep Your Car for Summer - Replace Windshield Wipers - Toyota of GastoniaReplace Your Windshield Wipers

There is plenty of pollen and some rain in the summer, so you’ll want to make sure your windshield wipers are in top shape so that you aren’t squinting through a dirty windshield. Replace them and top off your wiper fluid for best visibility.


Prep Your Car for Summer - Check Your Battery - Toyota of GastoniaCheck Your Battery

You’ll want to make sure your battery has enough power to get you through the season. Before oppressive weather hits, check your battery’s charge to make sure it’s strong enough to put up with the heat, and if it’s showing a weak charge, you’ll want to consider replacing it.



Prep Your Car for Summer - Top Off Coolant - Toyota of Gastonia

Top off Coolant

Your coolant is essential in keeping your engine from overheating, so be sure to check all of your coolant levels. If they seem low or even borderline low, top them off to make sure your engine is getting plenty of coolant.




The best course of action, of course, is to take your Toyota down to our service department at Toyota of Gastonia and have us check to make sure it’s ready for summer!