Serving Huntersville, NC

With more than 52,000 residents, Huntersville is a place with big city amenities and small town charm. Its attractions are second to none and draw in thousands of tourists each and every year. Huntersville features some pretty spectacular places to eat, too!

History & Culture

The origin of Hunterville’s name is disputed. Some say the city is named after Robert Boston hunter, a landowner and cotton farmer. Others claim it’s after Humphrey Hunter, a local Revolutionary War hero. Elizabeth Hunter, a teacher, and Travis Hunter, the first crossing guard, may also have claim to the city’s name.

Huntersville saw quick growth thanks to fertile farmland and a railroad. Prior to its incorporation, Huntersville was a hotspot for steam engines, cotton plantations, and some of the top schools of the 1870s. Today, it remains a great spot for businesses.

Things to Do

Nature lovers and outdoorsmen alike will enjoy a hike along Buzzard Rock Trail. This natural hotspot features a large bolder that overlooks a shimmering lake below. The trail leads to a scenic viewing area of Mountain Island Lake.

Those who enjoy a ride on the wild side will find few better places to go in their Toyota than the Carolina Raptor Center. The center is home to more than 30 species of birds of prey. Visitors can take a walk around the three-quarter-mile Raptor Trail to see these majestic falcons, owls and eagles in their natural habitat.

Places to Eat

There are few better places to grab a quick bite to eat than Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. Classic, well-crafted American burgers, fries, hotdogs, and tater tots have cemented this restaurant’s popularity. Its reputation is further bolstered by its vast beer selection and shelf of awards.

There are few better places for fine dining than The Melting Pot. As the name implies, this restaurant serves international cuisine designed to please the senses. Friendly staff, premium decor, and a sophisticated atmosphere make every meal an enjoyable one.

At Toyota Of Gastonia, we’re proud to serve the Huntersville community.

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