Is the Toyota Avalon Better Than the Nissan Maxima?

Toyota Avalon Compared to Nissan Maxima - Toyota of Gastonia

If you are shopping for a full-size sedan with premium features, there are a lot of great options to choose from—but the Toyota Avalon XLE is one of the best. When comparing the 2016 Toyota Avalon XLE and the 2016 Nissan Maxima 3.5 S, the Avalon beats the competition.


2016 Toyota Avalon XLE

2016 Nissan Maxima S


For starters, the Avalon XLE comes in at a lower price, letting you keep more of your hard-earned money.

$33,485 $33,565

And, for even more savings, the Avalon gets an EPA-estimated 31 mpg on the highway, beating the Maxima, which only gets an estimated 30 mpg.

31 MPG hwy, 21 MPG city 30 MPG hwy, 22 MPG city
268 horsepower @ 6200 RPM 300 horsepower @ 6400 RPM
248 lb-ft. torque @ 4700 RPM 261 lb-ft. torque @ 4400 RPM
6 Transmission Speeds Variable Transmission Speeds

When the time comes to take a trip, Avalon drivers will love the 16 cubic feet of cargo space—the Maxima only has 14.3 cubic feet. Backseat passengers will love riding in the Avalon since it provides 37.9 inches of headroom, 39.2 inches of leg room, and 54.6 inches of hip room. Altogether, more backseat space than the Maxima.

38.5″ Front Headroom 39.4″ Front Headroom
37.9″ Rear Headroom  36.7″ Rear Headroom
42.1″ Front Legroom 45.0″ Front Legroom
39.2″ Rear Legroom  34.2″ Rear Legroom
36 / 36,000 Basic Warranty 36 / 36,000 Basic Warranty
60 / 60,000 Powertrain Warranty 60 / 60,000 Powertrain Warranty
60 / Unlimited Anti-Corrosion 60 / Unlimited Anti-Corrosion

Next, when it comes to comfort on long drives, lumbar support is critical. The Avalon comes standard with front adjustable lumbar support. This is not even available on the Maxima. And, on cold winter days, the Avalon will keep you comfortable with its standard heated front seats. Again, this isn’t even available on the Maxima. You’ll also enjoy the Avalon’s leather seating while the Maxima just uses cloth.

Adjustable Lumbar Support
Heated Seats
Leather Seating

For a final advantage, the Toyota Avalon has a towing capacity of 1,000 pounds, when properly equipped, making it great for those rare occasions when you might need to take something extra with you. With the Maxima, it is not recommended for any towing at all.

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