Routine care for your vehicle is the best way to ensure a healthy and enjoyable experience behind the wheel even as the miles stack up. Those in Gastonia, and around Charlotte and Lincolnton, can always look to the Toyota of Gastonia Service Center for things such as brake repair.

We have a devoted shop with the technology, technicians, and parts your model requires. Brakes are vital to lasting performance, yet not everyone knows when they need to be repaired or replaced. To help keep you in the loop, this overview discusses all things about brake repairs!

How often to repair brakes

How Often Should You Repair Your Brakes?

Understanding when to repair or replace your brakes is an important part of the brake repair process. The standard figure given for swapping out pads and rotors is around 25,000 miles. That number is helpful, but also requires some context.

For starters, any type of heavy-duty, high-performance model may need to have their brakes checked more often. The demand placed on the brakes from towing or spirited driving needs to be taken into consideration for trucks or sports cars and sports sedans.

Weather can also factor in. If you regularly deal with excessive heat or cold, it’s wise to repair your brakes with more regularity.

Lastly, commutes that deal with a lot of heavy traffic or starting and stopping should keep a particular eye on the brakes. Frequent use of the pads and rotors while you’re driving means they’ll wear more quickly.

How Long Does a Brake Repair Take?

If you’re coming into our shop for a brake repair, inspection, or replacement, you won’t have to wait long to get back on the road.

Some brake repairs take about 30 minutes or less. Our particular shop is specifically designed to be efficient and effective no matter the service we’re providing.

If you want to book a visit that fits within your hectic life, you can always browse over our scheduling tool before locking in a time that fits.

How long does a brake repair take?

Brake Repair or Replacement Signs

Signs I Need My Brakes Repaired

There are a few signs that will jump out if your brakes are beginning to fade and should be inspected by a professional technician.

The first is any pulling or pushing as you attempt to stop, resulting in your car leaning to the right or left rather than continuing in a straight line.

Noises can also be a symptom. If you hear a crunching, grinding, or whining noise each time you put your foot on the brake pedal, an inspection or repair is needed.

Brakes should also be responsive. As soon as you’re pressing the pedal, the car should begin slowing. If you have to push your brake pedal to the floor before the car halts, take some time very soon to visit our shop!

Find a Brake Repair in Your Area

You don’t have to travel far for a proper brake repair or replacement. If you’re in Gastonia, or around Charlotte and Lincolnton, you can rely on the Toyota of Gastonia service center to handle the procedure with efficiency and care!

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